Still Natural


It has been a very long time since I have posted. This is the length of my natural blow dried hair now. This 65 year old Grandma still sports various natural hairstyles.

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Home Hair Care Tools

Hair is best cared for with clean and well kept tools. Brushes should be clean and should not have any missing bristles. Strands of hair get caught in the spaces where the bristles used to be and are torn out of the head as you brush. Combs should also not have any missing teeth. Jagged edges anywhere on the comb will snag hair and rip it out from the scalp or break it off.

Your Home Hair Care kit should contain various types of combs and brushes. Avoid brushing very thick frizzy hair while wet.  A wide tooth comb is better utilized for this purpose. If your hair is thick and curly like mine it should be washed, conditioned and dried in sections keeping the hair going in one direction to avoid tangles and breakage.  I braid my hair before getting into the shower. Each section is lathered and washed. Then conditioner is applied to each section. When deep conditioning or applying a hot oil treatment I always cover the thick braids with a plastic cap and let stand for a while or I spend some time under the bonnet dryer.

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Is the Busy Salon always the Best?

When selecting a restuarant one is inclined to chose the one that is always filled with customers. How does one go about selecting hair salons? Does the client select the building surrounded by the most cars? Do we chose based on the number of people waiting and impatiently reading a magazine? How about the ones where patrons enter slapping palms with the owner in familiarity? Maybe we select the one where the patrons leave with smiles on their faces that signal immediate satisfaction with the results. They are afterall happy after enduring over two hours spent among a noisy bunch of females.
Do we pass up the quiet salon with all the modern trimmings and empty chairs? For popularity? What is the right answer? Both salons charge exactly the same amount for the same procedures. The quiet one even has better air conditioning and more modern equipment. Is is personality? Did word of mouth send all of the women seeking beautiful tresses to the busy salon where they wait and are sometimes ignored by the busy stylists? Probably.
Which salon has the freedom to do the suggested tests that all packaging of perms and hair coloring products must carry? Yes, you are right. The slow one. How many people will ever select that one? Not many. They tell themselves that the hair is thinning on the sides of their heads and temples because of age or maybe it is something they are doing themselves. When the real answer lies in the products and the way they are used. Directions are generally made to be followed. This blogger now opts for following directions.
The slow salon.  The one that is very often passed up. There are never a lot of customers there. It is ran by a very pleasant African  American woman. Who takes time to examine the hair line and roots to determine the present condition of the hair and scalp before proceding.
This is the busy salon. It is almost always full of waiting patrons. New clients get very little individual attention.  There is a great deal of talk and comraderie between certain clients and stylists. The owner only runs the reception desk. When the shop is busy, she has 5 stylists and 3 ladies who only shampoo. I made the mistake of not timing the dye in my hair, not insisting on a skin allergy test, and not avoiding the bonnet dryer and shotgun blow dryer. I also did not check the floor for my fallen hair until the stylist was finished ripping out my hair with her cheap, damaged brush. I have a very messed head of hair to show for my mistakes.
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The 48 Hour Skin Allergy Test

Why Do Women Lose Their Hair?

Important: Follow the usage advisory. Hair color can cause an allergic reaction.

Important: Hair color can cause an allergic reaction which, in certain rare cases, can be severe. Therefore, you must follow these precautions:

Do not use if: 

-you have already had a reaction to a hair color product.

-you have sensitive, itchy or damaged scalp

-If you have a tattoo, the risks of allergic reaction may be increased

-Perform a skin allergy test 48 hours before each use of this product (see insert) Remember to buy your product 2 days ahead of time.

·         Avoid contact of this product with eyes and skin

·         If product gets into eyes, rinse immediately

·         Thoroughly rinse hair after application

·         Wear gloves provided in kit

·         Do not use over compound henna or progressive color.

·         Keep product out of the reach of children. Do not apply on children

Caution: This product contains ingredients which may cause skin irritation on certain individuals and a preliminary test according to accompanying directions should first be made. This product must not be used for dyeing the eyelashes or eyebrows. To do so may cause blindness.

The above warning was copied verbatim from the outside packaging of a very popular hair color product . The manufacturer did a fine job warning the consumer of the dangers of the product. This examiner went on a field trip to the hair/beauty supply store. All of the permanent hair colors had the same warning with very little variation in the warning. How many of you have ever been given the suggested 48 hour skin allergy test before the color was applied at the beauty parlor? If any of you can answer yes, then you have a magnificent and caring hairdresser.

How many of you time the dye in your own hair at the salon? Do you watch the clock or leave all that up to the person who put the color in? Most people simply sit and wait for the stylist to remember that you are waiting. Do you trust the stylist that much? They have already ignored the above very severe warnings. Products marked for professional use only, also have very stern warnings and suggest the 48 hour test.  So why are beauticians ignoring the warning? The answer is obvious. The customer allows them to.  They give them permission to scorch their hair and blister their scalps.

So how thin is your hair getting around the temples, face and nape of the neck? These are the most sensitive areas and thinning generally begins there.

Follow this link to WebMD and learn some really interesting facts about hair dyes and the precautions that should be taken when coloring hair.

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Cover Your Hair At Night

Do you cover your hair before going to bed? If not, I advise you to begin the practice. How would you like to have all of the oils and other products from your hair on your pillow and then on your face all night long? Imagine all of the gunk that will soak into your face throughout the night.  If you perspire at night it is even worse. My niece laughs at the old fashioned slumber caps that I wear to bed. But I don’t care. My face stays cleaner and I have fewer pimples when I cover my hair.  Some of these slumber caps even have disposable ones that are supposed to help your hair stay moist. An once of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Women have been wearing some type of sleep cap for as long as we have had hair. My Mom actually used white cotton panties.

 Begin to cover your hair so you won’t be forced to cover your face later.
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She was wearing Bangs

For a long time I thought all the energy I put into teaching my granddaughter how to do her own hair was not going to work. I watched her break all of the rules that I had used to train her to care for her hair without chemicals. A grandma speaking out of love does not have as much power as a best friend with silky straight hair pulled back from her face.  The little pre-teen  started wearing her hair pulled back and plastered down to her skin every single day. Nothing I could say would make her change it. Wearing the same extreme styles pulls the hair out around the edges. You have seen it. It forces the hairline back. Not an attractive style.  It did not matter whether the hair was braided or straight, it was pulled tightly away from her temples. I decided that she was now to old for me to insist so I started giving her colorful bands to put around her head so the same soiled one would cease assaulting my senses.
Today, I walked pass her school in my daily jaunt. She and her friend recognized me before I recognized her.  She blended in with her friends so well that I did not know her. She was wearing her hair in bangs. Nicely cut bangs. It made me feel better. The hair was not pulled back so tightly that it made her look oriental any longer.
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The Healing Oils: Vitamin E and The Emu

It has been over a month now since I made the mistake of not taking my own advice. When I had my hair colored, because of vanity. Massive hair fallout and burns to the scalp caused by the chemicals and the extreme heat. The scabbies have been fed and pampered with a combination of oils. Vitamin E Oil was placed directly on the on the scalp daily until the scabbies were gone. Vitamin E oil is very good for the hair and skin. If you don’t believe me, start using it on your hands every day right now. Massage it in really well. Get all under the nails making sure the nails are really coated with it, especially the cuticles.  In a few days, you will notice that your nails are no longer dry and brittle. Use it on your feet after showers and baths. It works the same on brittle damaged hair making it more supple. Supple does not  break and fall out when combed and brushed.

The second oil is Emu oil.  A former colleague runs a farm somewhere in Pennsylvania and raises Emu. He always told me that that Emu meat was the best and most healthy for humans than any other. I would always nod yes, I understand and stick to my salmon dinners.  Well he was right. Yes, Emu. Emu is a giant bird and one of the only other animals on the planet whose fat is rich in the Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids that have proven to be very useful in modern medicine. Emu oil is used to make:


Body & Bath Oil     Cococare – 100% Vitamin E Oil 28,000 IU, 1 Oz.

Sometimes I use a half and half mixture of these two oils. They keep my skin supple and soft in winter and  protect it from the sun in summer.  Emu oil and vitamin E oil make the nails supple so they bend slightly without breaking. There are fewer hang nails and dry patches. I use the Emu oil on my hair almost every day. I prefer the Emu oil on the hair because it lets it move while making it much easier to comb. I use both oils after blow drying, not before. Both oils have healing therapeutic qualities for the hair and skin and are reasonably priced.

      Hair Spray w/Emu oil

Emu Oil Shampoo & Conditioner 8 oz Set

Foot & Leg Comfort Cream, 8-Ounce Jars (Pack of 2)

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